The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

Hello everyone!!

Everybody ready for xmas? done all your xmas shopping yet? Well don't stress, the one thing that can help release that stress is by eating some good food! Today i'll be talking about a great brunch destination located on west 4th. Inner decor looks amazing, it has a lot of wood accent pieces and i just love how it gives you a sense of comfort. Their brunch menu is pretty short but a great place does not need that many selection to showcase their great food.

First off we ordered our drinks. Obviously I ordered a cup of coffee, while Phil went for a mimosa.  The waitress also brought over the ketchup & hot sauce. Which was not much use for us because we ended up not using it at all.

Phil ordered the special, which was a halibut burger with fries. Their burger buns are house made baguettes. First few bites were amazing but after a while there was not enough sauce and became a bit too dry. The fries were phenomenal, fresh and crunchy!

I ordered the Corn Beef Hash ($11.00). I like the combination of a perfectly cooked poached egg along with the mixture of corn beef and hash browns lathered in Dijon hollandaise sauce! I thought mine was a great overall dish and totally worth the $11.00!

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall rating: 3.25/5

Happy Eating!

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