REVISIT- Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant

Hey everyone!

Phil blogged about Blue Canoe last time but I thought I'll blog about my first experience too :) We went to Blue Canoe for Mama Lims birthday and it was extremely lovely. The view was amazing, the weather that day was gorgeous and the food was just phenomenal. I tried to take some scenery photos of the night to show you guys how beautiful it is. I'm not a professional photographer so hope you all enjoy!

For appetizers, we ordered two different types of fresh oysters, Royal Miyagi & Effingham. I wasn't able to enjoy this dish since I wasn't feeling so well that day. But from the response i got back from Mama & Papa Lim & Phil, they loved it! Said it was super fresh & smooth. 

For drinks, we got the French Kiss ($8.50) which has st~germain elder%ower liqueur, sauvignon blanc, soda, white cranberry juice, orange, raspberries & peaches. A super fruity and sweet drink, Sangria lovers would love this!

Easy enough, we all decided to get their fresh fish of the day which was the Pacific Sablefish ($31.99).

Believe me or not, the fish was extremely smooth and the pairing of the sides and the flavours just matched it so well. Unfortunately the size of the dish did not please Papa Lim because it was way too little for him. But for me, it was just perfect size for satisfaction.  I got an extremely meaty part of the fish and for Phil's slice, I think he got the piece near the end so it was less meaty (last photo on the page).

Now lets talk about their service a little. I want to highlight this because I was very pleased with our server. She is an older lady who took extremely good care of us from beginning to end. She was always there when we needed her and she just has such a great attitude with customers. I really enjoyed the attention we got from her. Unfortunately i did not catch her name, but the service was just amazing. I hardly give 5/5's for my ratings but this place definitely got my 5/5 rate for service!

Service: 5/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $$$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


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