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Hello Everyone!

After viewing apartments with Phil and his agent, we randomly decided to go dinner at Sushi S which is located along Willingdon at a random corner spot. Parking spots are very limited but they do have set spots for each restaurant so people parking at that particular spot must be eating at that restaurant in order to park there. I've passed by this restaurant many times and it never appealed to me so I was not expecting much out of it. We asked our waitress whether they were Japanese but they are actually Korean. Which I'm not surprised because in Vancouver there's a lot of Japanese restaurants that are not owned by Japanese people.

Phil ordered several slices of Sashimi and he said it was thick and delicious!

We also ordered two plates of their Popcorn Sushi Roll (Approx. $13.00)
The so-called popcorn is actually deep fried shrimps. Overall the dish was awesome! The sushi was mainly just California roll lathered in spicy mayo and covered with deep fried popcorn shrimps.

Phil's agent ordered one of their sushi combos that comes with a variety of different types of sushi.

 I ordered individually,creating my own little combo that consists of Salmon & Tuna Roll (Approx. $2.5 for 6 pieces) & also 4 pieces of Salmon Sushi ($1.50 each).

Simple & standard sushi so it was good, nothing spectacular but I sure wasn't disappointed!

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy eating!

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