Snack Shack - Lay's Kettle Cooked Tzatziki Chips

Hey Everyone,

So this is one of those new flavours being voted on for a new Lay's flavour, and out of the rest of the flavours, this one seemed to be the one to go with as some of the other flavours seem to have been done already.

This does indeed have that tzatziki flavour when you eat it, but it also has a very similar flavour compared to sour cream n onion. At times I would be reminded of that flavour so much that I would think it WAS sour cream n onion instead of tzatziki. It's a good flavour overall, but just too close to sour cream n onion that I would ask why buy this one when a flavour that is so similar is already made? 

Let me know if you think I'm right or wrong about the comparison between the two flavours in the comments below!




Thanks for reading and happy eating!

- Phil

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