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I'm finally back with a new blog post! I've been busy with work & I'm currently setting up a new website look for my blog! So, stay tune for that!! Hopefully it will be fully up and running by the end of June 2013!

Now...who doesn't like Jap food? If you don't, I suggest you click away from this page!

This little restaurant is located in Kits and parking is extremely tough because it is mainly all street parking. limmerZ and I met up with eatingwithkirby & foodobyte and it was extremely fun. When we stepped into the restaurant, one side of the wall was filled with Japanese anime masks. The masks were illuminated & I thought it was extremely adorable. The one character that I loved since I was a kid was DINGDONG!! People call it Doraemon nowadays... but I call it dingdong! Anyways, time to talk about food!
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First off, we got this free appetizer to munch on while we wait for our main courses. It's a bowl of cabbage with sauce. I don't recall how the sauce was, but it made the cabbage tastes a lot better then it is. 

limmerZ ordered the pineapple mojito ($6.50) & eatingwithkirby ordered the green apple mojito ($6.50). 
I'm not a fan of mojito but this one is absolutely amazing! It doesn't even tastes like mojito. I thought it mainly tastes like pineapple juice/soda. It tastes like juice but also has a bit of fizz that gives it a soda tastes. I highly recommend this drink if you go there!

We ordered the Tuna Tataki ($5.80). The tuna was very fresh and was cooked to the right amount, where it kept a raw freshness on the inside. The flavour was very delicious and the crunched up noodles gave it another texture, which overall tied the whole dish together.

Next up, Minced Pork Poutine. I really wanted to try this at the beginning but after I tried it, there was not much to say. It's satisfying but nothing special. 

Aburi Saba Sushi ($9.80). There wasn't much flavour and the rice fell apart on the way to my plate. 

We also ordered the Sashimi Bowl ($9.80). Also, not much flavour and I felt like there wasn't much sashimi.

Going to a Jap place, obviously you must order the EBI MAYO ($6.80). This was very nicely done but I think there's better Ebi Mayo elsewhere. 

Last but not least, Sea Urchin & Ikura Carbonara Udon ($13.80). The rich, creamy sauce was the highlight of the dish. I hate sea urchin sushi, there was one time I tried one and I thought it was disgusting! The texture and the taste of sea salt was just nasty. For this dish, I did not taste any sea urchin at all. So if you love sea urchin, you might be very disappointed with this dish because I didn't taste any at all. But, I do highly recommend this dish because it was extremely flavourful!

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3/5


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