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My grandparents are from Chao Zhou. If you're not familiar with that name, it is a place somewhere in China. Lol Look it up on google if you want more details. Anyways, I remember when I was young my grandpa would always make the best Chiu Chow Chicken ever! My family was telling me this place made it super delicious as well so they decided to bring me here for lunch one day. The restaurant is located in Union Square Plaza. If you go during busy hours, like during the weekends, the parking lot is usually full. 

The first dish that arrived was this fried shrimp & imitation crab meat. It was good but it wasn't anything unforgettable.

Then comes... the CHICKEN!!!!! Basically the whole time I was just eating this with rice....I seriously love Chiu Chow flavour chicken! I highly recommend this dish but its SUPER PRICEY in my opinion. I asked my Mom how much this dish was and she told me it was $16.00!!!! I don't think I'll personally go there and order this but it was a good experience to try out this delicious Chiu Chow chicken. It reminds me of the one my grandpa makes and it makes me crave for his even more!! I think I'll tell him to cook me up a dish soon....yummy in my tummy... =P

We also ordered this noodle with beef and veggie. It was very flavourful and tasty. My brothers were going all over this dish because they love it so much! I'm usually not a noodle fan so I can't give much of an opinion. But I do like this dish and I would order it again if I do go there again.

Now...for this dish I actually didn't try it so I can't give any thoughts on this dish but I thought I'll show you guys a photo anyways =D I believe it's sticky rice in the middle? 

Like I said....I was mainly eating the chicken the whole entire time...so I didn't eat this too... 
I seriously tried to try everything when I go out but it's so hard to resist chicken..especially when I love this chiu chow chicken....T_T"




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