Deer Garden

I always hear my family coming to this place for dinner but I've personally never tried it until one day they've decided to bring me there. They are famous for their personal customizable noodle soups so I was really eager to try it out! This is on the second floor of a very small plaza. They have very limited parking space and considering a lot of them has personal reserve parking signs on them for other restaurants, it is pretty tough to find parking. Also, that area is very busy so I would highly recommend car pooling with people if you guys decide to come here for dinner! 

I ordered the "original fish soup, sliced beef, fish tofu with rice noodles (thick)" ($7.95) and I ordered a cold lemon tea which was an extra dollar.
The portions were huge! It's such a good deal and I would highly recommend here for cheap and delicious food. I was actually highly impressed at this place UNTIL I saw something that COMPLETELY grossed me out. I didn't finish this at the end so I told the waitress to help me wrap up my noodles for me. I saw her grabbing my bowl and took a plastic takeout bowl to the dirty dishes bin that they have and started pouring my stuff on top of that dirty bin in to the takeout bowl. My noodles were half dangling on the edge of the takeout bowl. After she was done pouring with one of her hands, she SNEEZED into her available hand and TOUCHED my half dangling noodles on the edge with her CONTAMINATED hands! That TOTALLY grossed me out and I just left what she wrapped up for me at the restaurant because there was NO way I'll ever eat that again. Also, the fact she had the GUTS to do it right in front of my face and thought it was okay, she definitely has hygiene problems. 

Now I totally understand that a lot of restaurants may be pretty disgusting but we just can't see it with our own eyes of what happens behind the scenes. So TODAY I went back with my family for dinner there and yet another HUGE disappointment. (don't say I didn't give this place a second chance.. because I did)

Today my Mom ordered the noodles and guess what she found in her food? A SHARP piece of plastic. If she was just eating carelessly without noticing (which a lot of people do) she could've been hurt. I was completely grossed out and I told myself I'll NEVER step into this restaurant again. 

I had wayyy too many bad experiences at this place, so I would HIGHLY recommend you guys to not come here. But if you guys find it okay, then go ahead and risk it, its your own choice. 

1/5 (one word: crappy)

3/5 (Food was actually decent, but will NOT return because of the reasons listed above.)


Overall Rating: 

did NOT enjoy.

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