This blog post has been long over due but here it is ! My family and I went here to eat for fathers day dinner and surprisingly it wasn't as packed as I thought it will be. This Tropika is located inside Aberdeen Center on first floor near H-Mart. If you guys been to Aberdeen you guys should know during holidays or even weekends or special occasions the parking lot is usually pack full so if you guys ever decide to go during those times, please watch out for parking! 

We started off with Roti Canai ($2.95). It comes with spicy sauce on the side which does make it overall extra flavourful since Roti in general is pretty plain. This is a great appetizer option to start off your whole dinner.

Another appetizer we got was the Prawn Cakes ($7.95). It comes with 3 prawn cakes and I wouldn't say it was that great. If I had a choice I wouldn't have ordered this at the first place. Especially if you're with a big group of people this is definitely not enough to split between people. I've tried many crab/prawn cakes in my life and I wouldn't say this was one of the best and definitely not worth the 8 dollars. 

Next we got the Kari Lembu (aka. Curry beef brisket, $13.95). I personally didn't try this because it's been told to be spicy. According to my family they really enjoyed this dish. 

Home Style Chicken ($13.95). At first when I saw this dish I wasn't really attracted to the appearance so I didn't care much for this dish till I tried it. OHBOY, if you are a chicken lover you'll love this dish! As a huge chicken fan I personally really really liked this dish!

Indo Style BBQ Pork Ribs ($13.95).  I'm not a huge pork rib fan so I passed on this dish too. My brother and mother loves ribs so they were just digging in this dish and they told me its very flavourful and delicious.

Sambal Bunchies (Beans)- ($13.95). Other than Chicken I LOVE these types of beans! At first when I was looking at the menu it indicates that it's spicy but the waiter told us you can always make it spicy-free! so that's what we did and it tasted AWESOME. Some great beans here and if you're a huge fan like me then you better come try these Malaysian style beans at Tropika!

Satays Chicken ($1.30 each). 3 words, YUM YUM YUM :)

Coconut Seafood Rice ($14.95). The rice and seafood is inside an actual coconut and poured all over by coconut sauce. Gives the seafood and rice a very rich coconut flavour. YUM!

Pad Thai (Noodles-$13.95). I've tried this before and I know it's spicy so when I went with my family I told the waiter I would like it NON-spicy, the waiter told me yes that's no problem but when it got to our table it was SUPER SPICY! I don't know what happened but I didn't complain and I just informed the waiter that it is still spicy. The waiter was very well-mannered and nice throughout the whole time being so I didn't felt like I should complain for something so little. Plus, my family can handle the spice so it was no problem for them. 

Lastly, my brothers were telling me how they realllyyyyy want to try out a real coconut drink. So being the nice sister that I am, I ordered one for them to share. I personally never tried one either so I was pretty curious whether I'll like it or not too. Once we got it, my brothers took a sip and was giving me that vomit reaction. I was like NO WAY is it that bad because I know limmerZ enjoys coconut water. But when I tried it I found it disgusting too! I came to a conclusion at the end of the night that I'll never reach for coconut water forever again. LOL. Definitely not something that is up my alley. 
I heard that coconut water is really good for you though. People doing hot yoga or working out drinks it too, so if you guys like it GOOD FOR YOU! THUMBS UP :D 




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