House of Tofu Soup

If you know where Thai son Vietnamese restaurant is then you know exactly where this is! It's below Thai son and I've noticed this place a couple of times already when I drove by but just never got a chance to give this place a try. Finally on a girls night out, my friends and I have decided to come here! Parking was pretty easy because we got there pretty early but definitely try to go earlier otherwise all the spots might be taken up during busy hours!

While we were waiting for our main dishes, the waiter gave us some mini Korean appetizers for us to eat while we wait. 

This is definitely the kimchi dish and I did not eat this at all. 

Seaweed! I'm personally not a big fan but my friends enjoyed it!

Mashed potatoes! I was expecting them to give us some of the traditional sweet potatoes :(

Bamboo strips? Not sure. 

Now, some of you may be a fan of this or you may be a hater. I am definitely a hater! This is Pumpkin soup but I personally call it baby food. Tastes exactly like those canned baby food and it's seriously disgusting.

This was what Awesomepossum ordered. If I didn't remember wrong, this was the Beef Kimchi Stew. ($9.99)

Spikyhairlicious ordered the Stone Bibimbob! ($10.99) She thought it was yummy!

Pancakes ordered a Kimchi Stew as well.($9.99)

I have always enjoyed Jap Chae in all the Korean restaurants I've been to so I definitely had to order the Jap Chae at this Korean restaurant and see how it was. This was definitely not meant for one person. The plate was HUGE and the quantity is wayyyy too much. After eating a bit I stopped because there was no way how I could've finished that. I thought the flavour did not sink in to the noodles that much and was rather plain and I definitely had tried better Jap Chae's elsewhere. The price ranged from $12-14 dollars. 




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