Destination: Seattle- Eagles Buffet

Living in Vancouver, it's tough to find a good buffet place to go to. I've been to Eagles Buffet before and it's better than most places. Eagles Buffet is located inside Tulalip Resort Casino which is next to the Seattle Premium Outlet. It was $19.95 per adult and for kids it's $9.45.

I was too busy grabbing food and totally forgot to take snapshots of the place for you all! But I took photos of my food! Being the pig I am, I had 3 full plates at this place! (pls don't judge..lol) 

First off, I got a big piece of Salmon, Beef, some broccoli (trying to be a BIT healthy) and chicken! The Salmon was disappointing..I ate less than a half and just left it there. It's very dry and not much taste so I don't recommend grabbing the Salmon. The Chicken was alright also kind of dry and the beef was very delicious! 

Got some Lasagna, another version of Chicken and I think that was fried chicken. This plate was very yummy :) 

Got some greens! After eating so much meat, I thought I'll end off eating some caesar salad and some alfredo sauce with noodles.

They have a wide variety of desserts! I ate the cheesecake and icecream! Definitely walk around and see what you like to eat!




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