Toyotomi 豐臣家

Craving for Sushi?! Hotpot?! 

I've heard many good things about this place so one night Spikyhairlicious, Awesomepossum and I have decided to give this place a try! We went there around 6pm so there was no trouble parking or any table wait. They have a parking lot in the building, 3 levels and it's pretty average sized so it can fit a good amount of cars. When we were searching for the restaurant, it was very hidden and the sign was not that noticeable, but thank buddha I know approximately where it is so finding it was no trouble at all. 

When we entered into the restaurant the first thing we saw were several tables and desserts. Apparently they have their own little dessert area at the front but it was closed so we didn't get a chance to try it out. We walked a bit more into the restaurant and a waiter guided us to our table. While walking to our table I noticed on the side there's a table that has a lot of Japanese things that was just on display. I find that pretty cute and interesting. It makes the place a lot more "Japanese".

So there is a choice of either having hotpot or hotpot and sushi. For just hotpot it was around 14 dollars per person and if you would like sushi it was an additional 6 dollars or so. Also, for the hotpot soup base you have to pay individually, so the prices for different soups vary. My friends weren't extremely hungry so we just went for the hotpot. They have a lot of options for the soup base and at the end we ended up picking Sukiyaki Beef. I was sooooo happy with our choice as it was extremely delicious!

 Spikyhairlicious and Awesomepossum started off with seaweed salads, but I'm not a big fan so I didn't get any.

I really like the fact how they place our food on top of ice, so it keeps it fresh while we slowly boil our food.

 We ordered a lot of meat so we can get our moneys worth. 

 Just a minor tip: If you really dislike the taste or smell of metal, you will hate the cups they give you. When we were drinking our tea it had an extremely strong metal smell from our cup.

More Meat!!!

 Yam! Spikyhairlicious thought it was very delicious!

We ordered beef sashimi and it was SUCH a disappointment. IT WAS HORRIBLE! dislike!

We ordered some curry fishballs, fries and nuggets. It was very average, so we didn't order any more afterwards.

After eating 3 rounds, we finally ordered some veggies and started to finish up the rest of our food. We were extremely full already but there was a note saying that they'll charge a dollar per food if we have extra food on our table. So we tried to force it down but at the end we couldn't eat anymore. Mainly we didn't want to get extra charged because we only had a limited of cash.


At the end, it turns out the waiter didn't even charge us for our extra food. T_T' 

 OH, one more picture of our order of MEAT :) YUM!

Overall the food was amazing, it was a shame that we didn't go for the sushi though! I REALLY wanted to try the sushi out. Next time I will for sure ! At the end, we ended up paying $20 bucks per person. If you go for the sushi as well it will probably end up $30 bucks per person. So it can get pretty pricey, but at the same time it's worth it for good quality food!




Overall Rating: 

Richmond Central
110-8111 Anderson Road
Richmond, B.C. V6Y 2C1


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